instant classic.

7 04 2008

Kansas vs. Memphis was.

Is Tear Gas next? Only tiempo will tell.

The Jacka – “Wake Ya Game Up”

[from Tear Gas]

GET ON MY HYPE: May 20th. The Trilogy is finished.


omission admission.

14 01 2008


Skit of the year…. the “get a little altered” anthem of the year…. & the hook of the year:

First Degree The D.E. – “D.E. On Maury”

First Degree The D.E. – “High 2Nite”

First Degree The D.E. – “Torturting Women”

Unquestionably one of the more enjoyable listens of 2007. If you missed it, 2008 isn’t too late to start. Better late than never.

GET ON MY HYPE: It looks as if Terrell Owens took a page out of “The Hillary Clinton [who just so happened to have swagger jacked yours truly] Instant Ways To Improve Your Image In The Eyes American Public Handbook”….


Brotha Lynch Hung – “Good Night”