shower that shit.

28 08 2008

You win some, you lose some perro.

See me in the fast lane from now.

The Jacka – “The Game Of Life”



right, right, right by where the bears at though…

17 03 2008

Closed mouths don’t get shit though, huh? Kinda feelin’ like….

The Jacka & Berner – “Drought Season”

…. over here in my little corner of the innerwebs. Kinda fell off, but got big plans to bring shit back like Yay Mecca in oh-seis. Just to show you there is truth behind these little letters you read on your computer screen, here’s some knock for y’all in good faith.

Bali Club – “Gettin’ High As Fuck” [feat. Suge & Otis]

E-40 – “Money Don’t Fold”

Husalah – “Doin’ What We Do” [feat. Pretty Black]

The Jacka – “28 Grams”

M Kayda – “You See Me Fresh”

If I can stay around these computadoras todos la semana, better buckle up and prepare some big, big things around here at the zoo.


Cougnut – “It’s Like A Jungle Sometimes”

song association.

10 03 2008
Dwight Howard
Chelsea Clinton
Barack Obama
Lindsay Lohan [pic]
San Francisco Giants Fans
Your Honor
Them Tres Dollar Scratchers
Stay With Them

got more gas than chevron.

3 03 2008

Here’s the thing…. I ate too much last night. The combination of a home-cooked meal after a diet that has consisted primarily of Airheads [fruit/viatmins], Buffalo Doritos [dairy/carbs], 99¢ hamburgers [protein] and Altoids [the dragon defender] for longer than I care to remember, led to quite the feast last night.
My memory is of last night is hazy. It fades in and out with no sound, just a images of plates being destoryed [para mi] as quickly as they were filled, snapshots of big birds breasts, followed by my fat ass shittin’ out bricks all noche. Y’all really need to know that, I know.
I regret nothing though.
You know you ate bueno when you wake up the next morning with a stomach ache. Swear I went to the bathroom like seis times per class today just to rip farts. I would also like to take this time to apologize to those in my last class where I got lazy and started to slip some off silently thinking no one else would notice. They did.
At least the weather was nice today, even my stomach couldn’t ruin that. Luckily I had a couple tracks on my CD which got that sunny day, fuck off school/work, get lit and barbeque vibe to them; that I kept finding myself returning to while I did none of the above and missed most of the sun sitting in BART tunnels crying.

Roscoe – “Summertime Again”

Since I only have two CDs on me and a computer at my diposal right now, here’s some more shit I was bumping in between bathroom breaks today. Y’all are already knowing the Mob Figaz stay represented well on any MP3 CD or blog post with the Dookie Lama, so here’s your dose of Pittsburg’s Finest.

The Jacka & Husalah – “Animal Planet Freestyle”

Fed-X, Dubb 20 & Magnolia Chop – “Iz Real”
Mob Figaz – “Soldier’s Paradise”
The last track is probably my favorite Bavgate verse I’ve ever heard, kinda sounds like C-BO which is never a bad thing. I also that “new” Jack you’ve probably all heard by now which is buried in this post because it’s not really that great. Nice radio-friendly jam for the radio, but I’m expecting much more the album.

The Jacka – “All Over Me” [feat. Matt Blaque]
Alright, I’m outta new shit. Here’s a couple more old blaps for I curt….

Boo – “Uptown” [feat. Ball, T.O. & Tweez]

Brotha Lynch Hung – “Went From”

C-BO – “We Just Crippin’ Remix” [feat. Daz]

Fendi Boyz, Johnny Ca$h, Magnolia Chop & Trill Real – “You Already Know”