is the whole world immune?

21 03 2008


How is The Jacka not the biggest thing in rap? Just a thought. I’ve said many a time that The Jacka & Husalah should not only have a monopoly on the rap game, but most likely the R&B game as well.

I mean is everybody not hearing the same shit I am?

If they are, Jacka’s music shoulda been “spread[ed] like an outbreak”. Not the case. Not to hate on these artists or their fans but what da fuck? You got two albums named after a movie, another after a website (which is only acceptable if it’s this one or the ones on your right) and another that just has you scratching your head. (Fat Joe, da fuck mayne? I just saw “elephant” and started rollin’).

All this shit is finger taps on my shoulder compared to the knock round here. Hella saturated, blood. Lemme get off my soap box toliet seat though, before I talk everybody’s ears off (I wanted to drop a spanish word for “ears” there, but we haven’t learned body parts in spanish yet). The above blap is from….


I don’t know how I missed Killa Keise on the front page of my second favorite newspaper (the Police Blotter sidebar makes the Examiner my default number uno), musta been hibernating. I’m also a little unclear as to what the criteria for “exclusive” & “super exclusive” tracks are, but this shit knocks hard in the yaint nonethepayless…

GET ON MY HYPE: I have yet to change my clothes all week (disclaimer: I do change boxers daily). In fact, I’ve changed where I lay my head at with four times more regularity. Shock and awe is how most people react, like “why don’t take off those duds you stenchy mother FUCKER!?” To which I respond: “have you ever rocked…


…. a sweatsuit? Valour? Because then you’d realize how stupid you sound.” Living part-time in Tha Darlings (I’m almost positive I’m the only person to call it that or understand how lame it is to do so; even replacing the “e” in “the” with an “a” fails to make the reference any harder) does have its advantages like The Burlington Coat Factory as a neighbor, which only lead to the hands-down most life-altering purchase of my life (above). I’m not sure if this more speaks to the current state of my life or the brilliance of sweatsuits. Nor do I really care because in a sweatsuit “lovely factor” for everything is increased ten-fold, comfortable yet fashionable makes the “fuck changing” mentality understandable. Mines is mustard colored, so I rock it with white kicks and voila! You got the Dookie version of….

Basically I’m saying if you wanna change your life for the better buy a sweatsuit. Valour. Have you all like: “fuck it, it’s nothin’ in my sweatsuit!”