messy marv • “killer”

22 09 2008

Messy Marv – “Killer” (San Quinn Diss)

Shit’s getting ugly with the quickness.


that’s all i really want is…

21 05 2008

las niñas, bonita y preciosa, blowing kisses at yo.


My apologies to PK and The Jacka and whoever else made that song. Shit was given to me on a mix CD and apparently there’s a reason I couldn’t figure out what CD it came off of. Anyways sorry about that shit.

The title/picture/italicized post still remains true. I’ll get some new music up here in a hot one. *

“n*ggas always get shot at the metro store”…

14 05 2008

Shop at your own risk.

…. “hood rats live at Sally’s” and girls lick the doors of Husalah’s car to “taste the candy”, which I think is just… amazing. I’m hoping the latter works its way onto a Husalah album cover in the future as well as my life.

Este es mi favorito blap-o en el momento:

Husalah – “Bonus Track”

get familiar • one familya.

6 05 2008


Get familiya, One Familya.

Another new section here in The ZOOOOOO that spotlights those artists you may not have heard of that you might want to GET FAMILIAR with in the most A.S.A.P.iliss’s of fashions. So I’ma kick shit off proper with a look at South San Francisco’s Yun Ern and One Familya, doin’ big, big things out in the 650.

I met Yun Ern at mi escuela earlier this year and have been sitting on these songs for a little more than a hot one and the shit really vamos though, so it’d be a sucker ass move for me to not hook shit up…

Yun Ern – “Major Paid”

One Familya – “On A Warm San Francisco Day”

One Familya – “Mary Jane”

Expect to hear more from One Familya in the future on The Animal Planet, according to Ern they’ve been doing shows around the YAYrea with mas in the works, so stay tuned and get familiar.

One Familya’s MySpace Page

THE VERDICT IS IN…: … and so is C-BO’s Mob Figaz, which becomes the first ever inductee to The Animal Planet Hall Of Fame [page coming soon] with the necessary 76% of its Hall Of Fame vote. I’m happy with that result and think it’s a good place to start the HOF.

GET ON MY HYPE: Forever the hype. “No Fly Mar ain’t to tough to dance, I’m throwin’ up my hands and shakin’ my pants”… words to live by.

Fly Mar – “Big Fun” [feat. RBL Posse]

put a lil’ dre in the air…

20 04 2008

“I’ma hot item they can’t keep me on the shelf”

Props to Johnny Rap, a Animal Planet viewer (reader) who put me up on the fact that over in Amsterdam they got a strain of trees named after Mac Dre. He also hooked up some official looking pictures too – from like a catalog or suffa – but wordpress won’t let upload them for some reason. Maybe I’m not telling you anything new but I thought this was an appropriate time to regurgitate the information for y’all. By the way the weed is named….

Mac Dre – “Genie Of The Lamp” [off Al Boo Boo]

Mac Dre – “Genie Of The Lamp” [off Genie Of The Lamp]

Now for those of you who are expecting a variety slap pack of weed songs like I usually do around here, sorry but not this year. I’m in the midst of writing my third paper since Friday […. 20 units…. not really the business], so please excuse my sorry excuse for a 4/20 post [<- I think the latter part of the sentence is why English fucks people up].

Anyways I’ll leave y’all with one more bonus blap from the Backwood Burner himself….

Mac Dre – “Pass Da Joint”

instant classic.

7 04 2008

Kansas vs. Memphis was.

Is Tear Gas next? Only tiempo will tell.

The Jacka – “Wake Ya Game Up”

[from Tear Gas]

GET ON MY HYPE: May 20th. The Trilogy is finished.

continued from the previous post…

6 04 2008


Messy Marv – “All In Da Club”

Messy Marv – “My Dougie”