esto vivo… fuck verano.

2 06 2008

I’m up outta here in a couple hours. Gotta hibernate for the summer. Fuck summer. Plans stand to bounce back and continue this shit [The Animal Planet, casa de los osos] but who really knows? Esto vivo, no es verdad? I figured I let the few people who read this shit know not to expect any updates for a hot one and apologize for not hooking up any music here in the last week. I attempted to hook up mas music for this post pero could only get these two songs uploaded ’cause my interwebs a piece of shit. Esto vivo.

Andre Nickatina – “Fears Of A Coke Lord”

Seagram – Actions Speak Louder Than Words [feat. Geto Boys & Gangsta Nip]

I doubt that’ll hold y’all over for the summer, but I’m sure y’all will survive. Anyways when I get back, I plan to return to this site… several books deeper, mas grande and still a multi-thousand-aire. Hit the SAP yutton on that latter part, and yes, I’m a multi-“mil”-ionaire en español. I’m just sayin’ though




5 responses

2 06 2008

Smell ya later…lol

2 06 2008

gracias por la musica! Tu blog se sale! its good that u hold it down for us bilingual seres humanos. but any word on when the new JAcka is droppin? estoy esperando anxiously.

hasta la vista biciclista.

2 06 2008

I guess summer is a good time to step your internet game down for a bit (or whenever, i only blogged twice this year). Like I won’t even bother with new music during european championship coming up anyhoo.

…speaking of fooball, new swedish coach gonna bring success to mexico side, so hopefully they’ll start showing some cruz azul games on tv over here..

16 06 2008
Miles Suter
2 12 2010
Justin Campbell

i love to play internet games specially on facebook where you have farmville and mafiawars *.”

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