esto vivo… fuck verano.

2 06 2008

I’m up outta here in a couple hours. Gotta hibernate for the summer. Fuck summer. Plans stand to bounce back and continue this shit [The Animal Planet, casa de los osos] but who really knows? Esto vivo, no es verdad? I figured I let the few people who read this shit know not to expect any updates for a hot one and apologize for not hooking up any music here in the last week. I attempted to hook up mas music for this post pero could only get these two songs uploaded ’cause my interwebs a piece of shit. Esto vivo.

Andre Nickatina – “Fears Of A Coke Lord”

Seagram – Actions Speak Louder Than Words [feat. Geto Boys & Gangsta Nip]

I doubt that’ll hold y’all over for the summer, but I’m sure y’all will survive. Anyways when I get back, I plan to return to this site… several books deeper, mas grande and still a multi-thousand-aire. Hit the SAP yutton on that latter part, and yes, I’m a multi-“mil”-ionaire en espaƱol. I’m just sayin’ though