that’s all i really want is…

21 05 2008

las niñas, bonita y preciosa, blowing kisses at yo.


My apologies to PK and The Jacka and whoever else made that song. Shit was given to me on a mix CD and apparently there’s a reason I couldn’t figure out what CD it came off of. Anyways sorry about that shit.

The title/picture/italicized post still remains true. I’ll get some new music up here in a hot one. *




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22 05 2008

Man, if you don’t put this mp3 up dookell……

dame51 (at) yahoo

22 05 2008
da dookie monster.

My fault Dame. I threw this up last night while in the middle of a brutal Ethics final and forgot to zShare it. But it’s up now, so enjoy.

27 05 2008

Hope you don’t have these yet:

One is Shooters Mix CD (Jack), and the other is MT3 (I think)

27 05 2008

Please take this song off your site. this is PK, jacka’s manager. this is not the final version of the song nor one that was meant for anyone to hear. i see that you are a very big supporter of the MOB; thank you. send me ur email address and i will make sure you get new music and news from our camp. thank you. u do not need to keep this up as a comment. i just didnt know how else to reach you

27 05 2008
da dookie monster.

Sorry about that PK. Had no idea the song was that exclusive. The song is down, for what it’s worth that version is hella sick and has stayed in rotation since I heard it last week.

My e-mail is:

There’s a link on the sidebar. Again I’m hella sorry about that song, thanks for letting me know.

28 05 2008

PK, when Freeway was out here last year (my man from LA is his road manager, Lakeshow), they asked me who was tight in the bay.. My answer then (and now), “I really only slap the mob figz, jack and hus”.

On a fluke, Free and Jack did a session later that weekend according to the homie.. Will those tracks ever see the light of day??

Fan also,

Dame from the Town

3 06 2008

they did one track the first time he was out here. its gonna be on jacka’s album. i have stayed in touch with lakeshow…i did freeways album release party out here in the city and jack opened up. we been building with them. hopefully we will be working on a jacka/freeway album soon. tryin to get free to get some of this independent $$$.


i appreciate that. some may have said fuck me and left it up. let me know if we can do something to help ur blogspot or whatever else out. i will see what i can do. email me cause i dont slide thru here too often……..

20 06 2008

Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

cheers, Unsound!!

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