“n*ggas always get shot at the metro store”…

14 05 2008

Shop at your own risk.

…. “hood rats live at Sally’s” and girls lick the doors of Husalah’s car to “taste the candy”, which I think is just… amazing. I’m hoping the latter works its way onto a Husalah album cover in the future as well as my life.

Este es mi favorito blap-o en el momento:

Husalah – “Bonus Track”




3 responses

14 05 2008
mr. pilly wonk

that’s hella funny, cause check this facebook story from last night:

Willy joined the group U KNOW HOODRATS LIVE AT SALLYS!!!!!!

i’m dumb windmillin like the hills in livermore…

18 05 2008

Damn hope ya’ll know this song is like 2-3yrs old….

“all i gotta do is pull up to get a whore , she lick da door, taste the candy”

27 05 2008

hey, chiefing out and riding thru the Livermore hills is hella dumb….

Dumb Windmilling!

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