get familiar • one familya.

6 05 2008


Get familiya, One Familya.

Another new section here in The ZOOOOOO that spotlights those artists you may not have heard of that you might want to GET FAMILIAR with in the most A.S.A.P.iliss’s of fashions. So I’ma kick shit off proper with a look at South San Francisco’s Yun Ern and One Familya, doin’ big, big things out in the 650.

I met Yun Ern at mi escuela earlier this year and have been sitting on these songs for a little more than a hot one and the shit really vamos though, so it’d be a sucker ass move for me to not hook shit up…

Yun Ern – “Major Paid”

One Familya – “On A Warm San Francisco Day”

One Familya – “Mary Jane”

Expect to hear more from One Familya in the future on The Animal Planet, according to Ern they’ve been doing shows around the YAYrea with mas in the works, so stay tuned and get familiar.

One Familya’s MySpace Page

THE VERDICT IS IN…: … and so is C-BO’s Mob Figaz, which becomes the first ever inductee to The Animal Planet Hall Of Fame [page coming soon] with the necessary 76% of its Hall Of Fame vote. I’m happy with that result and think it’s a good place to start the HOF.

GET ON MY HYPE: Forever the hype. “No Fly Mar ain’t to tough to dance, I’m throwin’ up my hands and shakin’ my pants”… words to live by.

Fly Mar – “Big Fun” [feat. RBL Posse]




11 responses

7 05 2008
mr. pilly wonk

my favorite fly mar song by far.

doesn’t dude also rap about his looney toons shirt in that one, too?

8 05 2008
da dookie monster.

yes sir, according to mr. mar, appropriate party attire is: “a pair of girbauds and a looney tunes shirt / old school converse so [he] can put in some work” and then he makes it clear that the only kinda work he’s puttin’ is on the dancefloor.

8 05 2008

Props on these songs bro. Good to see Pilly on the comments as well.

I accidently typed in and all I was reading spanish and shit. I know you like to throw out a lil espanol every now and then, but i was thinking to myself a whole fucking post in spanish?? Some of us aren’t bilingual bruh bruh!

Then I realized I am an idiot and need to keep killing my brain by bumping these slaps so loud in my headphones.

9 05 2008

hope this comes as a suprise dookellington:”

You heard this?

The Jacka – Animal Planet Special: Young Higheenas Edition Mixtape

9 05 2008

You heard this?

The Jacka – Animal Planet Special: Young Higheenas Edition Mixtape

10 05 2008

hey dook is wordpres similar to blogger?

11 05 2008

The fly mar knocks! Shit yall remember that tape when he was on the cover doing some ridiclously cool dance move waving his arms to the side standing on some grass on a hill, i can’t even remember what that sounds like I just remember the dope cover..

And good lookin on the link ad for wydu hombre!

12 05 2008
da dookie monster.

WordPress >>>> Blogger.

I haven’t used blogger in a while, but WP had a lot more features n’ shit when I switched over. So it takes a little getting used to and has a lot of stuff to figure out, but your site’s finna look mas sharp. Much happier w/ WP.

13 05 2008

thanks man i was wonderin and shit cause i found your site again and it was lookin clean so imma consider it

15 05 2008
da dookie monster.

What’s good dame? Nah i aint heard that yet, WP had your comments marked as spam for some reason. I dunno why, I’ma check those out though. Thanks for hooking it up.

4 08 2008

with the risk of soundin like a h8r, that one familiya track uses the beat from a group called PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS…a underground LA group. n i must say, im not really feelin the familiya track

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