c-bo’s mob figaz • “operation smother shit”.

23 04 2008

The Animal Planet: First-Ever Hall Of Fame Nominee.

This is an idea I’ve been toying with for… since this morning. And with WordPress feceeing all over Blogger, I can create multiple pages with the simple click of a button and look far more computer saavy than my actual skills which do not stray much farther than Examiner Police Blotter viewing and punching keys on other people’s keyboards. I’m still blueprinting the in’s and out’s of how I’m going to work this [HOF thing] and will have a main page up soon, but this post is really about the first-ever Animal Planet Hall Of Fame nominee: C-BO’s Mob Figaz….

If someone put a gun in my face and told me to choose one album to listen to for the rest of my life…. aside from shitting my pants, my answer would be this album, off top, without hesitation. I guess that’s why it makes sense for this to be the starting point for the most prestigious recognition available on this site [whether it’s inducted or not, that’s up to y’all].

C-BO’s Mob Figaz is what all rap albums should be: no skits, no gimmicks, just 15 slaps that knock out speakers without worrying about the backwards ass priorities of the radio or the yubble gum chewing teenie boppers that caters to. If someone approached me, all like, “hey shithead, gimme something to bump off this CD”…. First I’d thank them for noticing, then I’d direct them to track numero lucky thirteen:

Mob Figaz – “Mafioso Type”

Quite possibly the greatest hook ever. Husalah steals the show from everybody else on this track – including himself – with the hook alone, and that’s not knock on anybody’s verse cause they all gas. As evidence shows in my next exhibit of … evidence:

Mob Figaz – “Secret Of The 5”

Taking you through the step-by-step thought process that a sick rap group creates in this song looks a like this: at first I’m thinking like “Hus comes hardest blood, he said ‘bustin’ like nympho’, shit is sick”, I might bring it back once before even hearing the others. But then I get to Jack’s verse – the “operation smother shit” verse [see: title] – and it’s like “oh shit, Jacka rips it, he stole it right there”… but then I hear Ridah come clean as fuck followed by AP until Fed-X finally puts the bow on it and it’s like: “fuck… they all did they’re thing, bring that shit back one time”. Basically the shit is with the Mob Figaz, the next verse is always sickest because they all go, there’s no one – at least on this album – who hella kill the shit, where you’re like “fuuuuck” and have to change the song. No es problema, ¿si?

While the Mob Figaz more than hold their own on the microphone, they did have an ace up their sleeve on this album with the Sacramento Mobfather, C-BO, acting as pretty much the unofficial “sixth Mob Figa” on more than half the CD’s tracks. C-BO is still to my knowledge the only rapper who has ever been sent to the pen for his words [see: ‘Til My Casket Drops] and the shit on this album, correct me if I’m wrong, had to be like just when he got back from that. I don’t really know, just guessing by release dates, but I do know that the combination of this seis fits like a spank black tee….

Mob Figaz – “Mo’ Money”

Mob Figaz – “Prepare To Die”

I wrote a review last year for another site that never actually made it [was published], but in a critique of one of my rough draft’s the editor pointed out that my referrals to an album that had been out less than four months as “a classic” was a little premature. That was on point and he definitely was right.

But when I say almost decade later C-BO’s Mob Figaz goes just as hard as it did on day uno and I can slap that shit front-to-back without thinking of touching the skip button [<- n’ I usually get trigger happy w/ that], I think I’m justified in calling this album a classic. That is why it’s the first Hall Of Fame nominee and first five-star rated record according to the Groupie Score….


Now it’s up to y’all whether or not this also becomes the first Animal Planet Hall Of Fame Inductee. I will get a page up soon that explains in more detail what the HOF is gonna be all about, but for now 75% or more of the vote gets this album in [74% and under obviously not]. I want it to be difficult to have something inducted and also more than just my opinion, so you guys do the voting, use the comments to voice your opinion and we’ll see what folks decide…


• A couple notes on this post…. props to Doxx @ Strivin’ for helping me with that new mp3 player y’all see in this post – and been seeing on his site for a hot one now. Also, “The Groupie Score” will be the new Animal Planet rating system for all reviews, so for anyone who wants to submit a review include that score.




9 responses

24 04 2008

mobfigz iz a classic nigga. yo polls jacked up tho cuzzo

24 04 2008
da dookie monster.

I’m already knowin’. If you click the link there you can vote. Otherwise I can’t get WordPress to work with the poll sites I’ve used.

26 04 2008

This shit goes stupid hard.

Good thing you did something so non-wordpress accaount havers can comment too, cause we couldn’t before, no?

28 04 2008

Good to see the audio player working. Nice Figaz post.

28 04 2008
da dookie monster.

I forgot what I did now but I did get that changed. I’m still learning this WP shit as I go.

Yeah, that audio player is nice. I shoulda been on that hype a while ago, thanks again for the help.

As of right now Mob Figaz isn’t finna make it, I’m kinda disappointed….

30 04 2008

Open comments, good lawdy! It started to feel like sandrarose.com around here.

we used to slap this over on 106 and mac in the town. good memories. Ironically, I didn’t get really hip to Hus until I read a sf weekly article and went and copped dope gunz and religion.

I was on Jack, since, it’s the jac, calaco packer, I got, way more ___ than a ___- (what does he say there)?


1 05 2008
da dookie monster.

I’m not sure what sandrarose is, pero i’m guessing nothing good. But yeah i finally figured out how to change that shit.

I’m pretty sure that i know exactly which article you’re talking about, the one where hus talks about how he got busted on a boat in Chi Town or something right?

As far as that Jack quote, I can hear the “it’s the Jac, calaco packer” part in my head but can’t tell you the rest. I’d need to hear that song. I think there’s one where he goes, “Jacka, Jacka, Mr. Calaco Packer” too. I dunno, right on for checking in though Dame.

6 05 2008

Dope post man. Mob Figaz been doing this shit for YEARS

6 05 2008

Are you guys talking about “It’s The Jacka, Mista Calico packa, I got ta be major sliced in a Acura”?

DameSTATUS, where have you been? Bring back CultStatus!!!

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