put a lil’ dre in the air…

20 04 2008

“I’ma hot item they can’t keep me on the shelf”

Props to Johnny Rap, a Animal Planet viewer (reader) who put me up on the fact that over in Amsterdam they got a strain of trees named after Mac Dre. He also hooked up some official looking pictures too – from like a catalog or suffa – but wordpress won’t let upload them for some reason. Maybe I’m not telling you anything new but I thought this was an appropriate time to regurgitate the information for y’all. By the way the weed is named….

Mac Dre – “Genie Of The Lamp” [off Al Boo Boo]

Mac Dre – “Genie Of The Lamp” [off Genie Of The Lamp]

Now for those of you who are expecting a variety slap pack of weed songs like I usually do around here, sorry but not this year. I’m in the midst of writing my third paper since Friday […. 20 units…. not really the business], so please excuse my sorry excuse for a 4/20 post [<- I think the latter part of the sentence is why English fucks people up].

Anyways I’ll leave y’all with one more bonus blap from the Backwood Burner himself….

Mac Dre – “Pass Da Joint”




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20 04 2008


hit this shit up and register. all yall

3 05 2008
Frits van de Wereld

Johnny Rap is a legend out here in Amsterdam.

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