get on mess hype.

5 04 2008

Nuevo shit sabado.

All new shit for you non-Spanish speaker muh fuckas. So let’s Pele this shit off with the featured artist of the yost, Messy Marv, who apparently has another album in works…. ? I’m not really sure. All I know is I gotta hella new Mess in my headphones & it’s lovely, muy bueno….

Messy Marv – “Cheat On Her” [feat. J. Holiday]

In the rare instances where the worlds of rap and R&B collide with cohesion, this is the result. My only complaint is that J. Holiday has far too much mic time, a third 16 from Mess would’ve been a much appreciated substitute for the two-plus minutes Mr. Holiday spends singing to close the song.

Messy Marv – “Neva Eva

The song is good, but the skit at the end is amazing. While it might be exaggerated to a certain extent, I take two things from Mess’ dialogue: 1) not only does Mess neva eva snitch, but he also speaks on his interrogators mom with surprising frequency and 2) if you ever in trubs, “call [your] lawyer bitch!”

The last two songs I got for y’all on nuevo shit sabado are from E-40 and Sky Balla’s new albums…. I think. I know E-40 is dropping The Ball Street Journal este año but I cannot confirm this is from it. Either way it goes though….

E-40 – “Can’t Slow Down” [feat. Turf Talk]

And the final song is off of Sky Balla’s latest album [Tycoon Status] which is in stores on the 15th [I believe], so go cop that. I might have a review up before then, until then here’s a taste….

Sky Balla – “Hit Me On My Chearp” [feat. Turf Talk]

GET ON MY HYPE: Fuck Tom Cruise blood. This used to be my dream back when I was killing a half ounce witta a box of Swishers a day…. shit I’d still be pretty fuckin’ excited if I got some yurp named after me. Maybe a little guilty because I don’t partake in the activity with enough regularity that warrants such a high honor; but don’t get it twisted, I put in more work than most in my prime. Smokin’ blunts until I got sick, what y’all know about that though? Anyways that point is I would never try n’ stop someone from naming some Donatello [yurple turtle] after me, getting hella mad and shit, that’s a bitch move.

Alright I got work blood, porque I’m up so early, so enjoy the music and tienen a beautiful Saturday folks. Go UCLA too.




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11 04 2008

Can’t Slow Down is from Sick Wid It Umbrella vol 2

I need this

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