snow season.

25 03 2008


You are not you’re job.

You are not how much money you have in the bank.

You are not the car you drive.

You are not the contents of you’re wallet.

You are not your fucking khakis.

You are not special.

You are not a unique, beautiful….

The Jacka – “Snowflake”

(song off Tear Gas, words from Fight Club)

I know this shit is becoming dangerously close to becoming an all-Jacka/Mob Figaz spot, will definitely have some different stuff up within the week.

GET ON MY HYPE: Recently added in Under Surveillance. Midgets, drug binges, bell towers and bullets that make your head explode. Well worth $2o.





One response

27 03 2008

Yo Dookie!!!!!!!!

Good lookin on the link love….

I literally had a tear in my eye yo….

like we west coasters are sticking together at least in the blog world!!! lol

now if we get the music together….

they need to learn from the bay yo!!!!!


and go all Mob!!!!


keep droppin dumb slap for us!!!!!

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