right, right, right by where the bears at though…

17 03 2008

Closed mouths don’t get shit though, huh? Kinda feelin’ like….

The Jacka & Berner – “Drought Season”

…. over here in my little corner of the innerwebs. Kinda fell off, but got big plans to bring shit back like Yay Mecca in oh-seis. Just to show you there is truth behind these little letters you read on your computer screen, here’s some knock for y’all in good faith.

Bali Club – “Gettin’ High As Fuck” [feat. Suge & Otis]

E-40 – “Money Don’t Fold”

Husalah – “Doin’ What We Do” [feat. Pretty Black]

The Jacka – “28 Grams”

M Kayda – “You See Me Fresh”

If I can stay around these computadoras todos la semana, better buckle up and prepare some big, big things around here at the zoo.


Cougnut – “It’s Like A Jungle Sometimes”




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