fuck a radio song….

9 02 2008


…. I put the radio on / Once the streets found out they played a real n*gga’s song.

Bushwick Bill – “Inhale Exhale”

Husalah – “Zestways [A Lotta Fun]”

The Jacka – “The Streetz”

Mac Dre & Mac Mall – “Willingly”

Mob Figaz – “Here Come The Mob Figaz” 

Woodie – “Bury Me On East 18th Street”

X-Raided – “Hold On”




4 responses

10 02 2008

Update your links I’m on WordPress now.


How ironic that they’ve been playin’ Jack’s new track (may be this one) nonstop. My lil bro was tellin’ me kmel was practically playin’ some new Jack song nonstop.

FUck the radio we got the internet..lol..

10 02 2008

Damnit!!! I’m working on a post right now and was going to use the same pic of Jack. Oh well. LOL

How are you liking WordPress?

11 02 2008
da dookie monster.

mz510 – yeah that new Jack [tear gas] coming soon, this aint the one though b/c this is off jack of all trades which i rediscovered a while back & have been slapping non-stop. got your link updated too.

doxx – no es nada blood. still use it, don’t let my dos minute sorry excuse for a post fuck off something you actually put some work into. last time i checked i didn’t take the picture anyway.

i haven’t been round computers too much lateley, but i like it when i use it. my only problem is when i save draft and re-open them the format’s all fucked off.

20 02 2008

Show your boy some love in ur blogroll dookie!!! i got you in mine cuz i can honestly say u got me into the mob figaz bc i remember reading a cormega interview and he talked about real nigz in the game and he said mob figaz but i never peeped em….i was a fool!!!! i am gonna be dropping alotta slap for these fools from all over to spread the good music worldwide!!! check it our and show some love with the links would be nice too!!! http://zamunda1.blogspot.com

i had to log into my wordpress account which a more business related…lol

if you push hops and u need 17 bullets in ur magazine, i mean clip,
i spit rhymes about crimes i commit,
your niggaz got punchlines, my niggaz punch triggas on nines


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