keep a lucky seisty-four penny in each shoe….

18 02 2008
…. and bueno dookie will happen. Like “new” Dreezy for your stereo iPod.
“N’ the Pittsburg I know don’t got no Steelers”.  

godzilla sighting.

11 02 2008

Is it really here? “Mañana” is the street date, although we all know how that goes with Yuk..


fuck a radio song….

9 02 2008


…. I put the radio on / Once the streets found out they played a real n*gga’s song.

Bushwick Bill – “Inhale Exhale”

Husalah – “Zestways [A Lotta Fun]”

The Jacka – “The Streetz”

Mac Dre & Mac Mall – “Willingly”

Mob Figaz – “Here Come The Mob Figaz” 

Woodie – “Bury Me On East 18th Street”

X-Raided – “Hold On”